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National Sportswear

Boston-Bruins-001Welcome to National, a work in progress with the goal to provide young athletes and readers you a history and reference guide to national sports teams, their uniforms, and their logos.

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The sole purpose of this site is to provide a database of sports uniforms!
We hope it will eventually show us an evolution of how the sports teams changed their uniform designs over the years.
We are looking for students or anyone who would like to become part of this growing information database website. Obviously, this is a not for profit, so we are not paying money. If there are and students looking for a project that could receive federal funding, this might be the one for you!

The content on this site is provided as-is and is not intended to be used for personal profit.
We will “not” be accepting any form of advertising or corporate funding. Although this website is owned by National Sportswear Incorporated, it is not going to accept any monetary funding in the form of advertising. Any funding will be through free organizations who are and will be assisting in the development to further grow the “dot org site” to better serve the education sectors.

The information provided here is strictly for reference and educational purposes and should not be used for anything else. Do not use any images, artwork or logos without permission from their respective owners.


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is strictly a reference website for national sports teams.
It serves to help America’s youth.

The site is sponsored for by National Sportswear Incorporated and the United States Government (where applicable) National SPortswear Incorporated does not sponsor this site for persoanl profit or advertising. It strictly sponsors the network, databases and maintenance of the servers and site.
It’s about sportswear used in team sports. We hope that they will learn how to design their own team mascots, choose colors by gaining valuable knowledge about how colors can effect a uniform and so on.

This site has no affiliation with any of the major leagues or professional teams.
We hope that we can develop a site that helps identify all
sports teams at all levels across the country.
This site is a project in the making and is served on a not for profit basis.
This means that we will not accept any form of advertisements.

If you would like to become a contributor – editor for this website
Please add it to your favorites and check back frequently or post a comment with
your contact information and what type of sponsorship you are interested in.
All posts are kept confidential and “NOT” posted publicly.
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We will be posting an editors submission request form shortly.

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