About Us – National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear is a company with integrity, pride and honesty.

No alternate names, no fictitious names, no doing business as names and no false claims.

Plain and simple facts, it was founded in the early months of 2000 (meaning it incorporated its name) but began in the late 1999. It incorporated only after researching the world wide web only to find that ” not other company existed with that name (National Sportswear).

After searching many databases including the Library of congress, the United States Federal Trademark Database, Network Solutions, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Bing, whois and the Wayback Machine ( also known as the internet archives datatbase) “no other company existed with the name National Sportswear.” So, I incorporated it.

The moment the I incorporated National Sportswear, I decided to head over to Who Is and I registered ” all the domain names ( literally) under that name” so as to avoid any future collisions with anyone who might decide they want my name “National Sportswear.” This is what I learned from my many years of experience as an Art Director for a multi billion dollar record publishing company, Marketing Director and even Vice President of Marketing for one of the largest computer companies United States.

When you hold a position in the types of corporations I’ve worked, you learn to take the bull by the horns and you go forward. Billion dollar corporations do not hire you and place you at their helm if they do not believe you are competent to fulfill the position. For this, I thank all these companies for giving me the opportunity to serve them. And for the records, my experiences with them still remain fresh in my mind today. And these are the experiences that make National Sportswear Incorporated who it is. A company with strength and heart, a company with integrity and know how, and a company purely built on the building models of fortune 500 corporations.

Do not under estimate what the power of thought can do.

I once had the pleasure of sitting side by side with Bill Gates ( and of course we played video games).
We met at a rather large ( no huge) conference and he is not the man most people perceive him to be.
Bill is in fact a kind hearted man with the down to earth ethics you would not expect from the wealthiest man alive. Most expect a money hungry go getter kind of a guy. Okay, I’ll give him the go getter thing. No, Bill joined his wife’s ( Melinda Gates) organization because it had a greater good for all model and this is what he wanted to pursue. Read his book ” Business at the speed of light.” You’ll certainly get a somewhat idea of the kind of man he is.

Never the less, when Bill founded Microsoft. He incorporated it, he trademarked it, he also registered every domain name out in iternetland. He didn’t do this because he is this evil money dark lord grabbing everything he can get his greedy little hands on. No, in fact he did this because if you plan to take the bull by it’s horns, you’d better be the only one sitting on it’s back. ( Am I right Bill?)

The idea behind grabbing every name that coincides with your corporation name (that is the same name) serves one purpose and one purpose only. To take absolute care of the consumer and look after their best interest. You do this because it is your duty as the owner of that name to protect the innocent, ” the consumer.” After all, you have to show everyone that your intents are honest, legal and for the good of the people. And not yourself. You are about to embark on a venture of success or failure. But this adventure is yours. And you’d better make 100% certain that you are who you are and that everyone knows it.

A perfect example of this is the Santa Maria. Not the saint. However that is almost as good an analogy.
No, I mean the Santa Maria which carried Christopher Columbus to America. If that ship did not have a name, we would not be having this conversation today and no one would know how Christopher Columbus discovered America. The Santa Maria was his company. It held a stable crew, sails and he was the captain of his destiny. So successful, America would not be what it is today if it were not for his ideas that there does exist a land out there.

Of course maybe Christopher could have named his ship La Santa Maria, DBA John Boy, Beauty Wood, Care Bear, Fantasy Island and a half a dozen other alternate names or fictitious names to maybe confuse his crew. After all, they are probably going to get scurvy on the voyage and become delirious anyways. And then later on during his voyage, if he happens to see a faster ship in the water, he could reach down to his scope, look at the name on the bow and snatch that one up and for certain his ship will sail faster.

But, that’s just not the way ethical people operate. No, like Christopher Columbus and like Bill Gates, my intention is not to deceive. My intention is pure and this is why National Sportswear ® is a fully incorporated company with one NAME and one DOMAIN. I will make sure my crew knows the name, whether delirious from sea sickness or internet sickness ( both are the same in their weird ways) and when I reach land, those who reside there will see National Sportswear ® coming and will know it is in fact without a shado of a doubt National Sportswear (period).

I wrote shadow as Shado for a reason. You can see why here :)

Thank you for reading.
Duncan Benedict CEO and Founder
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated
And of course NationalSportswear( dot com, dot net, dot org and well you get the picture)