About Us

We normally would go on about us by beginning with the same old when we were founded, our legacy, what we did, who we did it for, why we did it and a whole lot of back patting.

But this website is not about us, it’s about bringing to you “the reader” and our most prized catch “the visitor” some valuable information about the history of sportswear, sportswear decorating and the evolution of both.

If you came here looking for custom sportswear, we recommend that you visit one of our other sites here for that. Our focus here is strictly educating our readers about this industry. Sorry if this is not what you expected, but after all it is a dot org website which is an indication that it revolves around an organization such as non profit or doing good for others. In a sense this website is solely for the purpose of helping to educate those looking to have a greater understanding of the history and art behind sportswear and all the techniques of decorating it.

While we are on the topic of domain name extensions, we might as well conclude the “about us” with the about domain extensions :)

So here it goes…

Dot Com = commercial
Dot Net = Network
Dot Org = Organizations
Dot Gov = Governments
Dot Edu = Educational Institutions (which this website is not)
Dot US= The United States
Dot Info = Information (which we will most likely have a continuation of this website on, but it will be closer to technical data or information pertaining to technical data on sportswear)
Dot Club = Yes you guessed it Clubs :)
and so on.
I will post more on this later, as right now it feels a little redundant.
But maybe it can continue on the Info domain since it is closely related to information (I think)


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