National Sportswear Team Uniforms

National Sportswear Team Uniforms

National Sportswear team uniforms can be found state to state, sport to sport from one side of the country to the other. It is found in the form of sportswear for teams or found to be worn by children in schools as team or spirit wear or a way to distinguish one club from another. Sportswear is an American tradition that dates back hundreds of years in America. We use it as a means to distinguish ourselves and show our pride.

Usually decorated with several features. The first feature is usually a team logo or a mascot which usually is comprised of several colors and silkscreen printed on the front. The other prominent feature is usually a number which represents the particular player and these are usually both on the front in small and the back in large. And the last feature would be the player’s name which is almost always on the back across the top over the number.


Depending on the sport or event. Sportswear decorations can vary quite a lot from one to the other. As modern technology is developed, these team uniform features can change.

Contrasting colors in sportswear is very important and teams will usually have at least two color styles to use at games. One is for home plays and the other for when they are playing games away from their home. Another important reason team have two variations is so that if they are playing another team who’s colors appear to be similar in contrast, they can switch uniforms for that particular game.

As we go deeper into the different sports teams we will get better acquainted with the styles used in home, or local teams as well as national teams.For instance, the Boston Bruins may have a jersey and pants that are mainly black with athletic gold and white logo, numbers, and names when they play at home.

However, if a team they are playing happens to also have a mainly black bodied uniform such as the Vancouver Canucks, then maybe Boston might use a different colored bodied uniform to separate them from the other team. This adds much less confusion on the ice.

It’s not a bad idea to pay close attention to national teams and their colors to get an insight to how you might color coordinate your own high school or weekend warriors, teams.

As we go further in detail in more blogs, we will also discuss the pros and cons of sportswear colors. How to use them to your advantage.

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